Dan Hollenkamp Master Herbalist
Dan HollenkampMaster Herbalist

Things to do


Herb Walks are a great educational tool for friends and family.  It is also alot of fun!

They generaly last about two hours and cover a number of herbs growing in your location.


If you would like to know which herbs are good for health and healing at your own home contact me and we can set up a private herb walk for your friends and family.


When I host a public herb walk at my location information will be provided below. 


Herb Walks in Milaca

Only $5 per person.  

Students of all ages welcome.

Everyone leaves with their own color Herb Information Packet.


Three opportunites to learn about herbs.

  • Tuesday, June 30th, 5-7pm
  • Thursday, July 23rd, 5-7pm
  • Friday, August 28th, 5pm-7pm - Wine and Walk Special!
    • Following the herb walk there will be a free glass of wine while watching a Bioscan demonstration.


Only 15 spots availible.  Sign up before it is too late.


Contact Dan to pre-register for the event.



More Information coming soon

Private Consultations - Call for Availablity

Want to improve your health through cleansing and nourishing your body?

Then you should consider a private consultation with Dan.

Things to expect in a first visit:

 - Discussions regarding personal health history

 - Dietary patterns

 - The Transion Diet

 - Education by the Bioscan

 - And more........


What is Bioscan? - 

All the info is here:  https://www.ihtbio.com/bioscansrt/ 

If you have more questions feel free to contact Dan.


I have reserved office days for testing people.  If you or someone you know is interested please call or e-mail me to set up a time.  


New Client 60 + Minutes $100.00
Return Client 30-45 Minutes $65.00
Package Deal Buy 5 visits up front last the one is FREE! $295.00



Contact here:  Dan 320-362-4512




Do you want to host and Herb Class?


If you have a group of Friends who want to get together and learn about herbs give me a call.

We can do 1 day of herbs or 10. I will customize a class to fit your needs.


When:  TBD

Where:  TBD

How Much:  Neg


Contact Dan if you are interested in this event.  



"What is an Herbalist?" Is this a questions you might ask? Well, we correct and strengthen the body through good nutrition and herbs.  Good health shouldn't be complex or confusing.  I provide nothing cutting edge or flashy. I will teach about the plants that grow all around us every day and how to use them.  So come out and have a cup of tea with me and let’s talk about how to have good health. Each session will cover new and amazing ways to use plants for good health.  


Each class will be up to two hours. I break it up into thirds. The first 
bit is going to be more a a social herb related topic. The second part is Dan's Herb of the month. Then the third part will be on DYI herbalism. I am hands on so I will show you how to make your own herbal products.


Some topics Previously Taught. Topics may change based upon opportunity.
Topics: Intro to Herbalism, Mucusless diet, Pro's and Con's of Organic, the Safety of Herbs, Wild Edibles, Heirloom, Hybrid, and GMO plants
Herbs: Horseradish, Comfrey, Stinging Nettle, Garlic, Burdock
DYI Projects: Master Tonic, Maple Sap Collection, Nettle Tincture, Garlic Oil, Cooking With Burdock root



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