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These are some links to a few of the projects I am up to this year.  



The Viral Attack Plan


Master Herbalist Dan's plan to dealing with any viral issues

(including the corona virus)


Water – An average adult needs, at minimum, one gallon of water a day. Most Americans get half of that, maybe. Sodas and coffee don't help, they only dehydrate. Distilled water is the best choice for cleansing. When you are sick, cleansing the evil out should be first priority. That is why when you get a flu you have always been told, “Drink lots of fluids.” Dehydration will kill you faster than the flu will.

  • Can't keep anything down? Get in the bath or place your feet in a pail of water.


White Flour/White Sugar - These products gum up the body and create more garbage for the body to clean out and the viruses and bacterias to eat. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables to strengthen you and starve them.


Over the counter medications - I have no love for these. They may allow you to keep working, stop that nasty cough, and perhaps ease a fever; but now you have just stopped three of the natural processes your body needs to heal. Don't be deceived by a quick fix.


Herbs – There are a number of herbs I would use to support the body's natural processes to fight viral issues.

  • Elderberry syrup – Elderberries are great for supporting the body's ability to have a quick healthy fever to burn out the junk. Avoid extracts and go for whole herb.

    • Dosage – personally I take one ounce shots of our homemade brew. Check with your supplier for dosage.

  • X-INFX formula – This is an herb combo I sell. It is good for nourishing the body's natural immune abilities so it can quickly deal with viral intrusions.

    • Dosage – It lists it on the bottle but you can do five capsules five times a day if you need more muscle.

  • Olive leaf – This is an antiviral powerhouse. It provides the body with loads of plant based chemistry the body needs to do its job. I have a variety of this I do sell in capsule and liquid form. Avoid the extracts.

    • Dosage – It lists it on the bottle but you can do five capsules five times a day if your stomach can handle it.

  • Thyme Tea – Thyme has some very strong viral properties, especially when it comes to lung congestion. Lots of hot tea will help you keep the lungs clear and the immune system strong. Find fresh or dried thyme at your local herb shop.

    • Dosage – make it by the quart and drink two quarts a day minimum of a strong thyme tea.

  • Lung and Bronchial formula – Many viruses attack the lungs, which could lead to pneumonia. Cleanse and nourish the lungs to they can endure any viral attacks. I sell this product in liquid and capsule formula.

    • Dosage – It lists it on the bottle but you can do five capsules five times a day if your stomach can handle it.

  • Swedish Bitters from Natures Works – Feel weak in the stomach? Concerned about keeping even water down? This is what I use. I have had days where some bitters in water was the only way I could get any thing into my stomach. I get mine from Amazon.


Oils - I am a whole herb guy but oils do have their place. You just need to remember they are super concentrated.

  • Thieves diffuser - If I had someone sick in my house and I was worried about the rest of the house getting sick I would use a Thieves oil or equivalent essential oil blend in a diffuser and gas the house 2 or 3 times a day. I would not leave it on all day long.


Rest – Your body heals when you sleep, SO REST. You may be able to take meds so you can keep moving but you will weaken your body and possibly make things worse.


Which one is the best for you?

All of them. When illness strikes, hit it hard, fast, with every thing you have, and with as much as you can.

Build a Bee Hive


Have you ever tried to raise your own bees?  It is really interesting and easy to do.



List of 38 FREE Bee Hive plans you can build.  


I tend to lean top bar myself.  

I am currently building an Insulated, Top Bar, Langstroth Hybrid Hive.  Trying to get better winter survival for Minnesota by combining the best of both worlds.   


I am looking to try something new.

Spring of 2021 I plan to make some horzontal hives.  I like Dr. Leo Sharahkin's phiosophy on bee keeping.  Much more peaceful.  Much more natural.

You can buy hives or they give the plans away for free!



I have also bee looking at comfort hives as well.  They are cheap and easy to build so a godo option for a diy hobbists like myself.


E-mail me if you want to chat bees.

Grafting Fruit Trees


I grew two apple tress from seed.  Have you ever tried this?  After years of growth mine produced nasty little red apples.  

Well no point in wasting good root stock.


University of Minneosta Instructions


This VIDEO has alot of good recommendatons for DYI Types


This is a page I used to create the grafting section in Herb Class #5


Multiply Your Grapes Using Green Cuttings


I have a good strong variety of concord grapes here in central Minnesota.  I started them from cuttings someone gave me so every year I start more plants and share the wealth.


Instructions for making your own plants from cuttings.

The walk in cooler

"Why do you need a cooler Dan?"

Why not?  

I saw a video that showed you could build a cooler and keep it cold with a window ac unit.


I couldn't resist.

Mine is almost done

DIY Aquarium

Building  a Green House

Making A Rain Barrel

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