Dan Hollenkamp Master Herbalist
Dan HollenkampMaster Herbalist


These are some links to a few of the projects I am up to this year.  


Build a Bee Hive


Have you ever tried to raise your own bees?  It is really interesting and easy to do.



List of 38 FREE Bee Hive plans you can build.  


I tend to lean top bar myself.  

I am currently building an Insulated, Top Bar, Langstroth Hybrid Hive.  Trying to get better winter survival for Minnesota by combining the best of both worlds.   


E-mail me if you want to chat bees.

Grafting Fruit Trees


I grew two apple tress from seed.  Have you ever tried this?  After years of growth mine produced nasty little red apples.  

Well no point in wasting good root stock.


University of Minneosta Instructions


This VIDEO has alot of good recommendatons for DYI Types


This is a page I used to create the grafting section in Herb Class #5


Multiply Your Grapes Using Green Cuttings


I have a good strong variety of concord grapes here in central Minnesota.  I started them from cuttings someone gave me so every year I start more plants and share the wealth.


Instructions for making your own plants from cuttings.

DYI Aquarium

Building  a Green House

Making A Rain Barrel

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